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I would love to work together with you to capture the events you are organizing!  For me the most important is that the customer is happy with the end results and for that reason a photo shoot is never a 5-minute task.  I will always start by having a talk with you to ensure I fully understand your expectations and can we get to know each other a bit… this has a very positive impact on the actual shoot.

My services do not stop once the photo has been taken, if desired I will design and deliver photo album(s) and/or printed and framed photos.  All additional services can be discussed and a personal package will be discussed and agreed before starting the shoot.

So if you are looking for a photographer for which profit is not the most important let me know!  Below you will find some information on the default packages I offer but please do not hesitate to contact me if your have specific demands.

Simple Session

The ‘Simple Session’ is a short photo session (max. 2 hours) on a location of your choice; depending on the distance there might be an additional charge. The ‘Simple Session’ can be inside and/or outside; this plan is ideal if you just want a couple of processed pictures for a small album or for printed material. Perfect examples were this plan is ideal are communion or other kids parties.

The overview below gives you an idea of the costs involved but the actual costs will only be clear once we have discussed your expectations.

Flexible Session

When you want to include multiple locations into one shoot or when the situation requires specific photographic material the plan for you is the ‘Flexible Session’.  In this plan we will spend more time shooting (max. 3 hours) and you will get double the quantity of post-processed pictures.  The shoot locations in this plan can also be inside or outside but specific lightning material will be available for the more challenging locations.

The ‘Flexible Session’ is also the session which we will be discussing in detail days before the actual shoot.

Studio Session

The ‘Studio’ –plan is the most demanding of a photographer and requires the most equipment and preparation from the photographer.  But the benefit is that we are in full control of the light – which dramatically improves a picture!  A ‘Studio’ –plan is also the best choice for people who do not really like to be photographed; working in the Studio is very intimate which usually have a positive impact on the model being photographed.

The efforts and costs for a Studio plan is only defined by the duration so the costs for this plan are very transparent.

Duration 2 Hours
Max. Distance 20 Km
5 Post-processed Pictures
3 Printed Pictures (max. A4 format)
All Pictures on DVD in JPG format
Protected online access for review
Duration 3 Hours
Max. Distance 30 Km
10 Post-processed Pictures
5 Printed Pictures (max. A4 format)
All pictures on DVD on JPG format
Protected online access for review
Duration 3 Hours
Excluding Make-up Artist
10 Post-processed Pictures
5 Printed Pictures (Max. A4 format)
All pictures on DVD or Blu-ray
Protected online access for review

Note on these Pricing Guidelines: like stated previously the prices shown above are only intended to give you an idea of the efforts / costs related to the various plans.  We will always discuss your expectations and the efforts and costs will be based on these expectation.  In order to address last-minute cancelations I will always require a deposit of 30% (with a minimum amount of 25 EUR) before any shooting or preparations will be done – this amount will obviously be settled on the final invoice

Media Design

Besides taking and processing pictures I also do spend quite some time on the creation of different Media; mostly this Media consist of communion / holy communion cards, Photo DVD and/or Blu-ray Disks and even web-site design.  Most customers will include these Media Design –services into the package they select but the Media Design services can also be selected separately – using existing pictures.

Some Experiences from Previous Customers


Thank you so much for these photos! They are great. And thank you for being so quick to process them; now we get to show them off to our family over the holidays.
I also would like to thank you for your positive and laid back attitude during the photo shoot, it really helped us relax and enjoy the moment. I was really nervous about the whole thing at first but, in the end, I had a lot of fun.


Weer een leuke samenwerking op een zomerse dag... de foto’s zijn precies wat we in gedachte hadden. Net zoals tijdens alle vorige samenwerkingen was dit weer een fantastische dag met geweldige herrinneringen waarvan we nog jaren genot gaan hebben!


Een mooie lokatie, een ontspannen sfeer en een zonnige dag maakte van deze shoot een zeer fijne dag! Het was zeer leuk om samen te werken aan deze geweldige herinneringen – hier gaan we nog jaren van genieten. Wat een ervaring, zeker voor herhaling vatbaar!


Other models, live situation, a nice sunny day, one amazing photographer. The result is an album full of nice memories of a very special day on DVD and Blu-ray, with splendid photos and music that give pearls of emotions in the eyes. Thank you for this great memory Chris.


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