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I did my first shoot with a Professional Model in 2014 and I liked it so much that, only during the first year, I shot another 16 (!) models – you can imagine that now, more than 8 years later my Model Portfolio contains a high number of models.

Because the ‘Boudoir, Nude and Erotic’ -section of has always been the most popular one I just had to ensure that browsing my models became even easier and better for my visitors!  You can now discover each and every Model I ever shot and I have even increased the size and quality in which you can view the images – there is even the possibility to see a slideshow for each of the Shoots!

Enjoy browsing the largest section of – I know it is a huge page but I am also sure you will enjoy a lot of the content and just to give you an idea of my Model Archive have a look at the statistics shown below:

For your browsing convenience I have divided the Model Archive into 3 parts: the 1st part lists all the models I shot since 2022; part 2 contains the shoots between 2020 till 2017 and the 3rd part lists the models shot before 2017 – you can access these archive pages using the buttons below.

Model Archive – Part 1

2024 – 2022

Model Archive – Part 2

2020 till 2017

Model Archive – Part 3

2016 till 2014

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