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After buying the new camera I wanted to ensure that I got used to it and would be able to make full use of the capabilities of it and that means that you need to go into types of photography which are very tricky to do. Typical examples of creative photography are High-Speed -photography and Multi-flash Photography to capture very detailed and fast actions.  Although being tricky to do I must say these are very fun to do but take a LOT of preparation – and often a lot of clean-ups after the shoot.

Last months I have been doing some of these shoots and I must say that there are quite some results which I like a lot and I believe they deserve a place on my professional website.

If you really want to succeed in some of the High-Speed -photography shots you will need some hardware; I choose for the MIOPS brand for my Camera / Flash Trigger and Water Splash -photography; looking at the quality, options, and cost this is a brand that deserves a look.  Next to this there are obviously my flashes; and for them I always go for GODOX – amazing price / quality!

So far for the short introduction into Creative Photography, the buttons below provide access to the albums containing my Creative Photography -shots; I have divided them into different type so you can easily find the ones you like.

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